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18 Mar
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Simple, light, but very funny arcade game, known as Icy Tower.
Experience from small boy’s life in the tower.

Instructions of the game:
After game installation, first you need – type any name(or nick).
Then press Enter key (twice).

After the game load – click “Play Game” in Menu list.
Now you can select games mode: classic or custom game.
In custom mode, game progress will not be saved in your profile.
If you want make some kind of career in the game, you must select “Classic Game“.
In the “Classic Game” mode all scores (hi-scores) will be saved.

All you must to know – never jump down.
If small boy touches the ground, the game will be over.

Make more than one jumps without pauses at once, and you will gain extra scores and extra jump power.
Run to faster and you will jump higher.

Default control keys in the Icy Tower:
SPACE bar – to jump;
Left arrow, right arrow – to run.


Download Icy Tower

Version for Android you can download here (Google Play)
Version for iOS you can download here (iTunes)


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