Internet Explorer 10

04 Aug
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Actuality version of Internet Explorer – IE 10, supported by Windows 7 (SP1).

Internet Explorer 10 is the default browser for new Microsoft product – Windows 8.

IE10 expands on Internet Explorer 9 functionality with regard to CSS3 support, hardware acceleration, and HTML5 support.

Operating System:  Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012

Price: Free (for licensed copies of MS Windows)

IE is declared as the safest and most convenient browser of all ever created by Microsoft.

Is that true or not? You can check it by yourself. Just download Internet Explorer from official MS site.

On Internet Explorer 10 includes a built-in Adobe Flash Player.

GUI (graphical user interface) features:
The desktop version of Internet Explorer 10 (available for Windows 7 and Windows 8) retains the user interface of Internet Explorer 9 with minor refinements, such as removing gradients. The Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 (supported only on Windows 8) includes a new user interface, most of which is hidden so that the webpage being viewed takes up the entire screen.

The UI (user interface) can be revealed by a right click of the mouse or by a swipe from the top or bottom edges of a touchscreen.  When the UI is shown, the tabs are listed on the top of the screen, with a small preview of the webpage on each tab. A button to add a new tab is placed in the top-right corner. At the bottom of the screen, the address bar and navigational buttons are shown. Navigational buttons include the Back button (to navigate to the previous page), the Refresh button (to reload active page), the Pin button (which create a new shortcut tile for the active page on the Start screen), and a wrench-shaped icon, which opens the only menu of IE10. It contains options such as “View on Desktop”, which opens the current webpage on the desktop version of Internet Explorer 10, and “Find on page”, which can find a text string (a word, phrase or arbitrary set of letters) in the active page.

Download Internet Explorer 10


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