ManyCam Virtual Webcam effects for skype for youtube

07 Mar
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Price: Free
Support for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8

Use your webcam with multiple applications at the same time and add cool graphics to your webcam video window.

What is ManyCam?

  • Use your webcam with multiple programs simultaneously.
  • Add text to your webcam video window with any application.
  • Add cool animations to your video window.
  • Show your local day and date in your video window.
  • Add live CGI graphics like fire and water effects. You can even make it appear as if it is snowing inside your house!

Without ManyCam you are unable to use your Webcam in more than one application simultaneously. For example you cannot use Camfrog Video Chat and Yahoo! Messenger at the same time because Windows XP does not allow this.

ManyCam solves this problem for you by splitting the video stream into several video streams. All you need to do is to choose ManyCam virtual Webcam as the video source in your webcam applications. You can also add some features to the video stream with ManyCam (for example, funny animations, time and text). Right click the ManyCam icon in your bottom right tray to access these features. One or more webcams.

Installation Note: If you have ManyCam installed and wish to re-install it, the old version will be closed and removed automatically during the new installation.

Want more demostration of this app? See small YouTube video presentation:

Download ManyCam


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