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04 Jul
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Version: 15
Price: Free
Support for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8
With groundbreaking speed and innovative features, you can take control of the Web like never before.

Dragging one tab over another allows you to create groups of tabs. Now, you can keep dozens of webpages open, organized and under control. Stay in control of downloads. Choose your look and layout. Access bookmarks instantly…

Opera features:
You can add, remove or reposition buttons and toolbars or change the entire layout of the browser. The convenient bookmarks bar keeps commonly visited sites and bookmark folders in front of you at all times, allowing instant access. You can enable this toolbar by selecting Opera menu -> Toolbars -> Bookmarks Bar.
You can save your open tabs as a “session” and load it later to open these same pages. You can have multiple sessions and load each one based on what you are doing at a certain time.

Give your bookmarks easy-to-remember names or group them into folders to help manage your bookmarks as your collection grows. Support for BitTorrent is built in to Opera, so you can download torrents without the need for a separate application.

You can even monitor the progress of large torrent downloads with Opera’s Downloads panel.
Save time by typing your search query directly into the address field. You can also customize this feature by choosing the search engine you prefer.

Everything in the Opera browser is drawn on your screen using Opera’s high-performance Vega graphics library. This enables super fast and smooth graphics, in everything from tab switching to animation on webpages.

The fastest JavaScript engine. Support for the the latest HTML5. Support for geolocation. Be safe on the Web. Keep your browsing private. See your security on websites. Control website cookies.Enjoy integrated debugging. Learn the latest web technology. Make your site shine in Speed Dial.

Download Opera

Version for Mac OS can be download here (.dmg file)
Version for Linux can be download here
Old version Opera 12 for Windows can be download here (.exe file)


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